Firewall Security Configuration Settings

My System Windows XP Home:

Comodo Firewall, my version No. 3.5.54375.427.

Under Miscellaneous>Manage My Configuration>Select - there are 6 options of:

Optimal Security, Network Security, Internet Security, Proactive Security, Anti Virus Security and Firewall Security

Selecting your Help file brings up ‘CIS Pro User Guide’ which does not appear to explain the differences between these securities and does not recommend which to adopt. Mine is currently ticked for ‘Optimal Security’.

Please explain these different features and recommend which for my Firewall protection.

I use AVG8 for anti vurus and spyware protection and also Spybot for protection. Thank you.

Mine is on Proactive security as default.

Comodo Proactive Security is the most complete protection and enable the full capabilities of D+

Optimal Security is the previous config you had before update.

All the Configs exception made for Optimum security can be selected on a clean installation by means of installer wizard questions.

Antivirus security can be only selected if the firewall is not installed.

Internet security can be selected only if both firewall and Comodo AV are installed (it disable some D+ feaures like keylogging protection and use AV detection to detect kyeloggers)

Proactive security and Internet security correspond to Full HIPS security and Firewall+ Leaktest protyection of previous CFP installation.

As per Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Reporting Script - Tips Tip 1 Troubleshooting Configuration changes describe a way to check the difference between default bundled configs.