Firewall says no update but on site seems to ba a update


i have comodo firewall 3.14.130099.587 installed on my pc
yesterday i did setup a other pc an did download te comodo firewall from the site

i noticed that the new skin is red while mine is still blue

so i did press the update button my comodo firewall 3.14.130099.589 still says no update
so i whent again on the site and saw something like internet security 4 and below i saw a older version 3.14… the one which i am using

what does this all mean now?

can i trust on my firewall if it is telling me that there is no update?
do i have to download now this internet security 4 thing or not?
i only use the firewall no antivirus or such things
will my firewall update automaticaly if needed?
will there be a update in future?

or do i have to uninstall it and install the new packet?
i will anyway only install the firewall and not the antivirus or such things… i also dont use the defense or the livesupport or what ever is included in this packet

if i have to update manualy…
how can i do that?
do i have to save my settings and import them in the new firewall or will this be done automaticaly?
do i have to uninstall the old firewall or can i just install the new one over the old one?
and if i can install the new over the old one direct do i have to expor my settings or not?

its all a bit confusing to me…
please tell me :smiley:
maybe you can use some simple language because my english is not so hightech :wink:
thanks in advance :smiley:

Right now the only way to upgrade to V4 is to uninstall V3 and then install version 4. Soon they will release an update that will update Comodo straight from version 3.

I think they are waiting to make sure there are no major problems. Hopefully they will fix a few of the bugs before that as well.

OK thank you man :smiley:

so i will just wait for this update and i am glad that all seems to be OK :slight_smile:
i was a bit confused because i saw the difference between my firewall and the one i did install yesterday on my friends computer
but now i trust in you and hope that i will recive soon a update in v3
i hope the skin will also change with the update … i like this comunism-red … haha :wink:
but i wait now… else i will maybe loose my setings or have to back them up and import them or such difficult things … i hope with the next update this will all done automaticaly :smiley: