Firewall says its active - But its not.

My Comodo Firewall always tells me that its running and Im save. However, I always wondered that traffic animation is never shown on tray icon, although this feature is enabled.

Now I double clicked on the tray icon and chose “Show active connections”: the list was empty, however there were connections at this time.

Then, I chose “Firewall Events - All the time”: the list was empty. While the list of “Defence + Logs” was full of events. (I have comodo now several months installed.)

Then I chose “Block all (traffic now)”: Nothing happened. I still could refresh a website.

Is it really active?? Am I really save?


I have had the same issue. For a reason or another, my firewall stopped working, not sure why. I had to uninstall, reboot and re-install.

Hope this helps.


I have the same problem, the list is empty of traffic, although I am active on the Internet.

I’m having the same issue. I think is some program messing up with Comodo. I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago and I discovered that Hamachi 2 didn’t work well with Comodo in Windows 7 64-bit.

Now I don’t have any idea what is causing the issue.

Re-installing doesn’t do anything for me.

Check this thread out guys.