Firewall, saving configuration

Hello, and this may seem like an obvious question, but when I export Comodo Firewall configuration, and then import again after reinstall, all my rules are gone. Am I misunderstanding the concept, or is something amiss. Thanks. XP SP3. Techdunce :slight_smile:

After importing them did you select the right profile?

Hello Buribista, thanks for the reply. I imported the file, clicked on it and made it active. When I looked in rules there werent any, or very little. After that, I restored from a Disk image, (Acronis) and am back to where I started. The reason I uninstalled/reinstalled Comodo, was, the last update bloated it to 241MB, from about 160MB, surely thats not right either and only use barebones Firewall, but thought to post here and see if anyone can tell me what Im missing while importing configuration file after reinstall. Thanks again, and apologies for not being a bit clearer, Im in the middle of an assignment and really punchy right now :slight_smile:
Techdnce :slight_smile:

Hi techdunce

Did you do a reboot (or at least a stop-restart of CIS) after importing your config? This is probably necessary.


Hello JJasper. No, I didnt do a reboot or restart. When I saw no rules I just figured Id revert to an image, as it was fairly recent. But do you think all my rules would reappear after a reboot. Im no expert, hence the name :slight_smile: but is that realistic. Thanks again, Techdunce :slight_smile:

EDIT: Apologies JJasper, I need to amend this post, like I said, Im a bit punchy :slight_smile:
I did do the โ€œnormalโ€ reboot after the update finished, but definitely not after importing config file. Tehcdunce :slight_smile: