Firewall rulez

First of all, congrats Comodo team (:KWL)

Your firewall is better than other similar comercial products :slight_smile:

Here are my problems/expectations with you firewall
i would like to know if there is any posibility to select all the ICMP codes (i.e.) in one single rule ?
perhaps it would be possible to name the rulez with “friendly names”
it would be great if a rule would cover TCP UDP and ICMP (in one single rule)
i think it would be very usefull if the rulez could just be disabled, without being needed to delete a rule, in order to deactivate it.
an alerter would be great (in case of a severe attack or somth, user could find out of it imediately, without being needed to look in the logs).
i saw that the firewall is able to look at the TCP flags, which is great, but i would like that the rulez could be written using also TCP flags. Perhaps checking of illegal combination of TCP flags in a packet would allow detection of posibly crafted packets (i.e. a packet could not have normally SYN AND RST set both at once).
Well, if the user could take in count the state of the connections within the rulez, than it would be really great.

Best regard,


Please post your requests in the CPF Wishlist

Thanks for your feedback :),