Firewall Rulesets in configuration COMODO - Firewall Security

V12.2.2.7036 (Firewall only) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

In the “Firewall->Rulesets” there is a number of predefined rules such as “Web Browser”, “Email Client”, “FTP Client” and so on.
When Firefox (or maybe any other browser) is started the first time, it is added to the “Firewall->Application Rules” with a set of custom rules applied to it (Firewall is in Safe Mode).
It does not get the predefined rule “Web Browser” applied to it.

Are these predefined rules meant to be added manually to the Trusted applications belonging to these predefined categories?
Or, in what way are these predefined rules being applied automatically to those Trusted applications?

Rulesets are used to answer the firewall alerts using treat as option or when manually setting up an application rule you can choose from the defined rulesets. Firewall Rule Sets, Firewall Protection, Network Connection | Comodo Internet Security

Yup, I knew that. :slight_smile:

In Safe Mode and with Trusted applications there is nothing to answer so I was thinking if CIS would even then apply them in some way.