Firewall rules

I would like to add a new child board where CFP user can talk about Firewall rules.
Where you could talk about Global rules, and Application Rules.
Ask user about help to set up new rules and so on.
Ask user about if the configuration is ok etc
Ask user what configuration is needed to get one specific software to access internet.

Comment please?

I think the Help for v3 and Help for v2 boards are enough.
Those are for help with everything about CFP, which includes the rules too.


Thank you for the comment.

I think that Help v3 is to general. It covers to much . From problem with crash and installation problem etc. I think it is difficult to find the threads about rules in the help section.

I found it now.It already exist it is called Computer Firewalls. Thank You all for the help

Please note the Computer Firewalls board is intended to focus on firewall topics other than specifically on CFP…