Firewall rules to/from ascii text file

I really miss the ability to type edit rules in a text config file (linux style).
Sometimes you need to put in a lot of rules and doing that through gui takes forever.

Also, it is easier to share text file between users/computers.

Thanks for the great (and free) firewall

I too, Miss the ole config File,

(I used to be a security ■■■■■■ for linux)
but the future of computers is all graphical…

(Kind of miss the old DOS 4)


In the case of a long rule list, being graphical really slows you down. You enter one rule, two, ten, then you’ll give up, it takes just too many clicks.
Try to compute the average number of clicks you need to do to enter a few rules… If you need to define network zones for every application on the server, that would take edges.

As I understood from a post here at the forums is that among the Comodo devs there is a difference of opinion on whether to use the registry or files for storing rules. I guess we just wait and see…

I would say thats a major security vul Eric