Firewall rules not working (V4 deception)

I have Comodov4 runing but i dont get any alert of the firewall, I mean that I can use firefox, skype, trillian and many other applications that access to internet and none of them appears in in the “Application rules”.
Why? it’s this normal?

The people is having a lot of problems with the final V4 in other forums, everybody feels that this final V4 is just another beta version.

Not really impressed with CIS 4…

I think the sandbox and Defense+ should work together, not separately.
I noticed that usually harmless programs are sandboxed but real malware asks for elevated prvileges, and after that it can do anything without any Defense+ alerts. Not good…

And I thought Comodo was supposed to be a 2-way firewall… I don’t think it’s a good idea to allow all outbound connections by default (just to reduce the number of popups).

You need to enable to “Create rules for safe applications” under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings → General settings.

With it disabled it will use default rules as a means of not storing too much rules I think.

This should be enable by default
What happens if I want to block a safe application to contac to internet? I think that comodo have lost the horizon with this release


Does it give warnings both ways if i change it to Proactive?
Because i am not installing V4 if it allow all outbound connections by default.

From what I can tell it works just fine under Proactive.

Some pics of the default Firewall policies for Internet security and Proactive.

I have also checked Firewall/Advanced/Firewall behaviour settings/create rules for safe applications.

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What Melih always envisioned was to bring a free top notch security program to the world that would be very quiet so it can be used by everybody and their mother while keeping them save.

For the more advanced users that means that we will have to make a few extra clicks to get CIS like we want it. For me that means disabling sandbox, having D+ and firewall make rules for safe applications, only 3 clicks, on top of my standard v3.x customisations. That’s not much for me… :THNK

You can’t always get things exactly like you want them. To but quote a Rolling Stones song: you can’t always what you want… but you may get what you need… O0

So the “expert” should spend their time asking in the forums how to make CIS work properly and all the others users simply are unprotected because the sandbox do not work proplerly and can be easily by passed.

I disabled the firewall and check “make rules for safe applications” and still didnt worked so what is this? another bug? for what we need v4 if in any scenario is worst than the 3.14

Anyway even changing all this settings V4 still have many bugs.

The coming of any new versions of programs, especially big version leaps like this, always requires user initiative to explore what’s new, what’s different and what was left behind.

In your case I would still be using Office 2003 and not Office 2007 because of too big a change… :smiley:

Nobody here is annoying with the big change, as I said before the problem is that the sanbox in the V4 can be easily by passed, the 90% of the people will keep the settings as default and they will not be protected.
Also there are more than 20 reports of bugs of the last RC no one have ben fixed.

To get back on topic. Egemen replied in your other topic about this.

Let’s continue the discussion there.