firewall? [RESOLVED]

hello all i was clicking on a file and the a alert popped up asking me if i want to allow explorer to access the file i clicked yes but then relised i was on the wrong file. my question is were do these programs save to as i wish to not allow it access that. or are these only for if i click a program? thanks all

What do you mean wrong file?

That’s CFP (Defense+) asking for permission to allow whatever to be run (executed) by explorer. Open CFP - Defense+ - Advanced - Computer Security Policy. Find explorer.exe (probably listed as %windir%\explorer.exe). Double click - Access Rights - Run as executable - Modify. They’re all there, one tab for allowed apps & one tab for blocked.

thank you very much i removed a few out I’m sure they will ask me again when i click on them if i want them allowed as i could not remember what file it was but saw a few pertaining to that program i run so removed them. when they ask me again i will allow lol.

oh no i inadvertently removed avast start up file from that directory now my avast not starting up anyone now if this is avast startup file ashdisp.exe? if so i put it back thanks all.

Stop playing around with things and leave your settings alone. Have you rebooted? Your too much.

will it put it back by itself i only went in there to remove a program that i inadvertly clicked on and i hit that one by mistake. do you think defense + will re ask me or put it back.

You can manually add the file what ever it was. There are several Avast files that need to be added to D+ when I was using Avast. You didn’t do anything to Avast but yes D+ should ask you again. Stop worrying so much. If you didn’t hit apply then it should still be there. You do not need to go into D+ and remove things. Just use the purge system instead.

all better now is that not what its all about to learn and modify things and program that you want going in and going out i don’t see how you say I’m to much. i have never ran a firewall this is the first and so I’m learning is this board not for asking question. and learning from mistakes sorry if i come on to strong and play with things but how else am i not to learn how things work. again sorry if i bug you.

No your not bugging. When I said too much I was laughing to myself as I said it. Its a good thing. Glad you like Comodo and this forum.

better then most forums some other forums i belong to you cant even get a answere from comodo at least is a happy place were everyone gets along i like it :BNC

We also allow negative feedback and there is tons of things to talk about in here. Online Armor doesn’t allow anything negative in there forums nor do they allow such openness to speak freely about everything unrelated to pc security. Check out the General Discussions area.

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