Firewall reports MAJOR ERROR and attempts to repair itself after drive bay swap.

Swapping out a secondary drive (from the drive bay) with a dvd / cdrom on my Lenovo T61p results in Comodo v3 firewall reporting an major error. (Which when allowed, it can usually fix… Although to activate the firewall, a second reboot is required.)

The error indicates the firewall is being run from a different location than it was originally installed. NOT TRUE! It was and still is recognized as the C: drive by both the OS and the notebook.

After the fix and reboot, everything works fine until I shut down the system, and switch back again to the hard drive.

Apparently Comodo is looking at what apperas to be the windows HAL path /device5/drive0/… Or something like that… Can’t remember the exact notation in the error. Needless to say, it won’t start correctly, without performing the repair.

The computer is shut down cold during the swap. Happens every time regardless of how I set up the CMOS boot sequence settings to try and accommodate CPF3!

Even though the boot sequences were not physically changed in the CMOS (the don’t need to be) Windows must be internally assigning a different device ID or something when the system starts. It still sees the windows drive as C:.… But Comodo doesn’t.

The computer is shut down cold during the swap.
No programs are installed/run from this second drive. (Data only)
No settings in the Comodo lists reflect any items on this drive.
(Except possibly items placed in the non-editable local comodo database. (A hidden & non editable Comodo approved list which results from and is controlled exclusively via the Defense+ lookup feature.)

V3.0.13.268 Vista Ultimate 2GB ram Core2Duo t7500 Lenovo T61p


I am having the same problem with my Comodo instal of V3

Each time you put in the Removable drive it says the CPF.exe is trying to start from
a different drive and to run the repair to fix the problem which it does.

If I take the removable drive out and go back to the origional
Pc configeration the same message appears and the fix says in needs to run from
D drive (have 2 internal drives and 1 removable) not C drive where the Comodo is installed.


It appears that Comodo never responds to these boards…
I never received any response back from anyone…
Only think I can think of is change the boot sequence in the cmos to reflect hd0 and hd1 in the first two slots…

I guess I can live with that problem…

What I am really having issues is with regards to this post:;msg109898#msg109898

This firewall is very difficult to administer. The gui needs work to support all the built in features. (especially with the Defense+ active.) I get lost in the rules/permissions. No way to organize / review effectively.

The Kerio (sunbeltsoftware) firewall had an AWESOME GUI with great admin tools! I loved it on WinXP, even though I “learnt” it has security bugs / issues.