Firewall reports error then closes

For some reason my comodo today closed suddenly after I got a popup saying that comodo has encountered an error and needs to close. The tray icon disappears, but my security center says that it’s still active, but I was unable to access some zipped files until I restart comodo. Any ideas what has happened and whether it’s a concern or not?

Everything seems to be running fine now…

It was probably cfp.exe (the client) that crashed. That is the interface we know.

Meanwhile in the background cmdagent.exe was probably still running. That is the program that runs as a service and does all the Firewall, Defense + and AV works (in cooperation with the firewall driver).

When you have set CIS to “Block all unknown request if the application is closed” it may block programs and that could explain why you had problems with zipped programs.

How do I know if I have comodo to block all programs? Is that default? I don’t remember setting that up

Are you referring to “Block all unknown request if the application is closed”? That setting can be found under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Alerts.