Firewall Removal/Uninstall Help

Hi ,first off my apologies if this posted in the wrong section.

I have tried uninstalling Comodo firewall using the uninstall option in the Comodo folder and it started to unistall until a windows message appeared stating “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed”.I tried the diagnostic report and got the same message.

Comodo is also now not showing in programs in the control panel but I still have a yellow shield with an exclamation mark in it on the bottom right of my screen.Also the Comodo folder with files are still on my computer.

How can I go about removing or at least completely uninstalling this please? any info would be most appreciated…thanks :-TU

I’m using Win7 64bit btw

Hi chillum and welcome,
For failed uninstalls, please try this unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products.

Thanks for the help it worked wonders :-TU

Glad to hear it worked. :slight_smile: