Firewall recommendations for WIN98?


I am a new member, and have been reading these posts with interest (although only understanding about %20 of the content.)

I am currently using an older Pentium 3 pc running WIN 98SE conected to the internet via DSL behind what I believe is a router provided by my phone company (Verizon) This is a stand alone machine, no other computers connected in any way.

Obviously this is not a good thing. Can anyone recommend a firewall and / or other form of security so I don’t feel cmpletely naked? (it’s not a pretty picture!) THANKS!!

Welcome to the forum, Christianh9910.

I hope Melih doesn’t fire me for recommending other security products (hears a guncock :cry: nearby), but recommending a good firewall really depends on a number of factors:
performance, easiness, inbound and outbound protection, software compatibility, support, etc.

Here’s one security site comparing firewalls (it’s a technical one, though):

I was previously using Kerio 4, but I don’t think it’s WIN98 compatible, although the older version 2 does.

Thanks Soyabeaner, that helps! Obviously I would use Comodo’s firewall if it supported my older operating system. I appreciate your response.

Thanks again; I will start with that site.