Firewall : RAPTR 's BUG after update to COMODO 8.2.4508

After update today on W7 x64, the software RAPTR.exe cant pass though firewall even if its get all rights !
COMODO firewall show warning windows “what can i do with this software ?” …

20 times after accepted all (clean soft) for RAPTR, all time COMODO continue to ask me for this soft ( ok or no ?)

This “bug” is only for the soft RAPTR from Free Amd Wallpaper Downloads, [100+] Amd Wallpapers for FREE |, no problem for steam, Xfire or Overwolf.
install or desinstall dont change anything on raptr but i see one thing :

For overwolf the soft in list of comodo firewall rules is wrote C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf
And Raptr in same folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ is wrote C:\Program~2\ and cant change this because for comodo say already present :

See attachments screen to understand … my poor english :o

EDIT : Other example in atached pictures … Sure with that you see that COMODO bug a lot ^^

[attachment deleted by admin]

Having the same issue as OP. Deleting, recreating the rule produces no change. The only work around that Ive found is to uncheck “remember” and allow for it to not get blocked.

Please use the required format.

Thank you.

Trick for me: COMODO go into play mode, start Raptr, back to normal mode and all is well …

Obviously when we say something wrong on this app I still think it would be better to change, especially after that kind of remark.
Have a good day, and now i’m sure at next bug i’ll found, its uninstall and not go here to tell something.
no time for that.

Have a good day !

As there has been no response, I will move this one to “Resolved” section.

Thank you.