Firewall Questions - New User - Audio Problem & Blocked Activities

Hello & thanks for looking at this,

  1. I am having audio problems since installing Comodo Firewall, and I wonder if it could be interfering with some internal processes.

I almost always use USB headsets for audio - I have several, wired and wireless.

This audio corruption shows up as static & scratchy sound - very bad - almost unlistenable.

Shows up on all internal sources - WMP, browsers, skype - all audio is affected.

Switching device does not help - same result with all playback devices, including all headsets & speakers.

Restarting computer seems to clear it up, but at some point into the session the corruption begins, and does not recover.

Any Suggestions?

  1. How can I view the lists of trusted and blocked apps? If this is not accessible, I will probably scrap & switch firewall. (that would be a shame - your interface is so great in so many ways)

I see how to add to the lists, but not how to view or edit the list. It seems to accept entries multiple times without warning that the app is already on the list - how can I be sure it is adding my entries?

  1. When I viewed the firewall event log, to try to troubleshoot the audio problem, I saw an immense amount of entries, and almost all of them are blocked connection attempts by “windows operating system”, and a particular application I know I added to the trusted category.

First, why is it blocking connections to Windows Operating System, and why is the OS doing so much connecting to the web? Is this something to be concerned about? If not, how to create permissions?

Second, why is it blocking traffic to a trusted app? How can I add permissions?

Thanks for any help…

4 days later - this was read 40 times and not one reply - this app is GONE.