Firewall question

Just a quick question.

How do you get Comodo Firewall to ask you if you want any applications to access the internet everytime it’s turned on or tries to update itself automatically?
Thought it was under Summary, Custom Policy or Training Mode, but neither of those two seem to be working.

Any other suggestions for setting up the FW?
This forum is a bit messy and hard to find anything, so if anyone can point me in the right direction here…

Hello bocado;

You can select “Custom Policy Mode” via Firewall Settings;

Once you are alerted to an application you may uncheck “Remember My Answer”
Once the application ‘closes’ that particular connection CFW will forget it; and once it’s ‘open’ up again it will alert you;

You can view/edit Application rules while in Custom Policy Mode via Network Security Policy

(All can be found in the “Firewall” tab of the application)

Does this resolve your issue?

(Forums are a bit messy now-a-days we’ll start slowly to clean them)

Kind Regards