Firewall Question [RESOLVED]

I hope this does not sound dumb but I have a question about software firewalls. I have a router that is NAT enabled. Do I need a software firewall? Thanks In advance…Jim

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People debate it, but a NAT firewall does not monitor outbound connections and is generally not as configurable as a software firewall. That said, I feel perfectly safe at home with the Vista firewall and a NAT router. But I do safe surfing, don’t use P2P or Porn, make regular disk image backups, and have a good understanding of internet security. I feel the need for the additional protection of a software firewall because I often access public wifi systems (I have a boat and cruise around, including to Mexico) and have no control over the networks then. Besides CFP is free, and you will learn a lot about the internet (maybe more than you wanted to know. :wink: )

Yes you do need software and here is why people say we do need CFP or any other software firewall.;msg66825#msg66825

Thanks for the quick response. I have been using COMODO FW for some time but always wondered if it was doing its job. I tried to do some Firewall testing to see if COMODO was as secure as everyone says but apparently the firewall tests could not recognize my computer because it is behind a NAT router. I ran the same tests after disabling COMODO and of course passed with flying colors because the FW test could not get past my NAT router…Jim

I think firewall testing (and lots of the other security testing) is sort of like wanking. It is interesting, but not the real thing. A gauge for relative comparison, but not always useful for the average user. I am pleased that others do it, because it promotes competitive improvements, but don’t participate myself.

Thanks again Sded. Thank you Goose17 as well. Very interesting and informative article.

regards Jim

I think firewall testing (and lots of the other security testing) is sort of like wanking.

A superb thing to say on your thousandth post!!! LOL


ps Congrats