Firewall question public network for comodo vs win 7?

Hey, I new here and never fully use any third party firewall until now which is comodo firewall.

Is there any different from public network between the 2 (win 7 and comodo) and maybe home/work?

I set up all my connection network as public network (including my home and work INTERNET as public network). When I do this in comodo while at home, it ask me what network should I select and I select public network ( because I assume it be like win 7 ) ,but then it prompt me that my information will not be safe to send out? That kinda scare me in a way, so it is working different from window or same as window? I dont share file or printer which is why I put everything as public network in window 7. But comodo just make me seem to want me to put all my network either home/work network.

PS: How friendly is this software for CIS? I share laptop with co worker. frends, and family? and I really hate the annoying pop up question. My first antivirus with kaspersky which I have to uninstall asap because it was frustrated me and my brother was keep asking stupid question such as "ALLOW or DENY or disinfect and etc " for MS word to be freaking open. So I have to uninstall because it was way to advance for me handle + i might hit allow because I get distracted. While I waiting for my answer, I seem to like comodo firewall because it never give me crazy pop up like win7fw and I may install CIS to replace my current anti virus (avast free).

You can tweak those behaviours by disabling "Automatically detect new private networks " and “Show Trustconnect alerts for unsecured wireless networks”.

In CIS, Home and work network means any traffic from and to that network will be allowed and public network means incoming traffic from that network will be blocked or asked (depending on the settings).

You can also configure this without using “networks” in global rules.