Firewall Protecting system while activating?

Ok, I’ve searched the forum, no luck. I’ve sent an e-mail to support, 6 hours ago (no reply yet)

So… Hi Everyone!
I have been looking at this firewall for the last couple of days and figured I would try it out.

Now my problem-question is this.
Does the firewall protect my system while its accesing the internet to get the activation code?

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestion for the paranoid people like me put in the FAQ for those like me that read them :slight_smile:

Happy to be here, hope to contribute where possible.

Dr Pete

G’day and welcome to the forums.

Categorically - you are protected by a default rule set when you are activating. You will still need to fine tune the settings, but you’re covered.

When first setting the firewall up, if you run a LAN it is important to go through the Zone Wizard and then add the defined Zone as a trusted zone. This ensures LAN traffic is allowable to and from the PC with CPF (Comodo Personal Firewall) installed.

Have a browse through the FAQs. These have been built by the users on the forum and are based around real world issues they found with CPF and the solutions.

Again, welcome to the forums.

Ewen :slight_smile: