Firewall prompts for permission continuously???

Hello all

Even though I have pre-configured my 2 PCs to allow access to the Internet and my own LAN, I find that CPF always prompts me to ask if I want to connect to the Internet when I go to connect via my broadband connection?

Why is this? - I have noticed that CPF also asks about services.exe and whether is should be allowed to access the Internet?

Can anyone shed any light on what is going on, and how can I remedy this problem so that I don’t always get asked, please?

Once I click on allow, then it goes ahead and connects to the Internet, but I find myself having to do this every time I need to use the Net!!!

Would I have to uninstall and reinstall CPF, or is there anything else that someone can suggest?

Please help…thanks…


Can I assume that you’re putting a “Check-mark” in the Pop-up Alert so it will remember that you want to Allow it? If you don’t, you’ll have to allow it every time after a Reboot of your Computer.

Having said that, Comodo sometimes has a bad habit of forgetting what I’ve just stated above.

Ken: :slight_smile:

Hi Hank52/Ken

Thanks for your reply - I have marked the Popup alert with a tick yet I still get prompted with alerts!!!???

Any other ideas?


I usually refer peeps to my signature FAQ link , but since v3 will be out soon, it’d be almost pointless ;D

Ah what the – here it is for a freebie:

[b]Constantly Same Alerts / Doesn't Remember Rules[/b],6908.0.html