Firewall-Problems since updated

Yesterday i get the new Update, with trouble since install.

In the PC’s are two Netzwork Cards. One Networkcard is connected to a Networkserver (192.168.100.XXX), the other (192.168.200.XXX) with the Router to the Internet.
On the Networkserver (Z:) is a Emailprogramm (portable) installed. Before the Update this works well. Since the last update I may have some trouble.

An earlyer permitted rule “Allow UDP Out from IP any to IP if the sourceport any and the destinationport 53” does not longer observed. If I delet the rule and try to get a new one, Commodo makes a new rule now with a empty MAC-Adress. Every Time I try this, a new (and the same) rule exist. I have more of 20 from this.

If I permitt without to make a notice from the rule, then it does well.

An another Program from the Networkserver who connect to the Internet also may have the same Problem.

Is this a bug? What can I do?

Best Regards