Firewall Problems [Resolved]

If you tick the tick box in the firewall remember my answer for this app and you wanna say in the future change this how do you? Another thing is when logging on to msn messenger there is no pop up alert for the programme it just logs st8 in, and when going on the the internet while msn was running I used to get pop up’s about msn making a global hook but now nothing this only started happening yesterday all other alerts come up as normal

  1. When you tick the remember option on an alert, it will appear as an Application Monitor rule. Just delete the associated rule(s) and it’ll ask you again when the connection from/to the program starts.

  2. To verify whether MSN Messenger is in CFP’s safe database: Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > disable the ‘Do not show any alerts for apps certified by Comodo’ option. Restart MSN Messenger and see what happens. If still no alerts try rebooting. It could be that the certified database version 3.0 has included this messenger client.

thanks yep I rebooted my computer and a alert flashed up about msn but not the global hook when you access the net while msn is running, but after it’s all said and done my problem is fixed thank you very very much

Oops. Sorry. I forgot to explain about the global hookie alert thingy. The reason why you don’t see it anymore is because version 2.4 was re-programmed that way to not confuse users. Basically, those alerts will appear less often on any program like MSN Messenger that’s in the certified database. In version 3, there’ll be even less alerts so that anything not in the white/safe list should be the only alerts we’ll see.

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