Firewall problems for messenger

When installing Comodo it saidin the beginning that I had a Norton firewall on and it was a bug, anybody know anyway to get rid of the firewall

Norton has ability not to clean all records in Windows Registry during uninstall
Some where in the Internet you may found a tool called Norton Removal Tool. Don’t be confused - there 2 version of it. One is for removal of viruses and so on - you DON’T need it =)
Second - exactly for removing of all signs of Norton products on your system. Try it.

I have Norton 2002 it isn’t listed as one of the optios of uninstalling, which do I use?

I also cannot log into any messenger or email accounts because of the firewall blocking it. Anything with HTTP,HTTPS etc. will not let me in.Any idea how to fix this?

I sent you a Private Message with details to help you uninstall completelly Norton 2002.
After that try to reinstall CIS