Firewall problem, please help

I am surprised there is not a Comodo Firewall category. Please move this thread to the right category. I can’t see anything that relates to firewall in the list of categories, so I am posting here.

First question, how do I change the username associated with my email account?

Secondly, I am using the Comodo Firewall and it is allowing programs, but I use a chess gui and when it tries to access an engine file (which ends in .exe) Comodo blocks it. I have already tried adding it as an allowed application but it still blocks the .exe from being accessed.

The program is called Tarrasch and can be downloaded at

In which way is CIS blocking access? Are you confusing the firewall with Defense+/HIPS? What does the firewall and Defense+ logs show for blocked events? Did you set the file rating of the application to trusted in comodo’s file list? Is the application being sandboxed? Do you have the auto-sandbox enabled or disabled?

I uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled it. Then, I tried the program again, this time it worked but I lost internet connection even though it worked the first time and in settings it showed one network.

I guess I should comment on something else. Last night when it was installed the first time, it would keep popping up allow windows for .dll files when I visited a site that streamed video. So, I selected “treat as windows application”, but I also see “isolated” and “restricted” are listed.

For new users, we don’t know what the terms mean.

Anyway, I can’t get internet to maintain a connection with Comodo running. I just installed it right out of the box without changing any settings. Maybe the ISP doesn’t like the firewall running.