Firewall Pro v3.0.18.309 auto-update fails

Hi folks,

so, since a bout 3-4 minor version releases back I have noticed my auto-update doesn’t not work at all. The mesasge icon pops up, tells me the latest version is available - I click the link, the new icon appears and looks like it’s downloading stuff … and then the upgrade never happens.

I get no error messages, no logs that I can see RE the update failing … it’s all very odd. I seem to be stuck in a permanent update loop. The last time I got around it by doing a clean install of the latest version, but clearly that’s not an option for the long term.

System Info as follows:
Vista - all updates as of this thread date bar one or two insignificant ones.
CFP v3.0.18.309

Any help would be appreciated … not sure what other info I need to post up here.

Why don’t you try uninstalling version 309 completely and cleaning up the registry and installing version 320 rather then using the updater.

because I have done exactly that with about 3 of the previous updates, and I have just found the other “updates never work on Vista” thread … so kinda think there’s a larger issue at hand here.


If you are using Vista, this is a common problems, temporary solutions, disable UAC or turn-off auto updates and run manual updates.