Firewall Pro explanation/information required by newcomer

Hi all, first of all I’m sorry if I’m not in the right place, but having spent 1 hour 41 minutes trying to locate what I might need, I have given up and decided to post here in the hope that someone will move it, if need be.
Please can someone explain to me what I have to do with files that have been sent to Comodo for analysis. I don’t feel that some files need to be quarantined and yet, if I don’t recognise them I don’t want to move them to my own safe files. I have used the “lookup” button, which invariably comes back saying “unknown”, so then they get sent for analysis. But … and here’s my problem … how long should I leave them in my Pending for Review section? I have looked at the Help menu but can’t find anything that seems to answer this simple ( :slight_smile: question.

Hi Lyn and welcome to the forums.

Therer is no definitive answer to this as Comodo do not provide direct feedback on the status of each submitted file. While this is undoubtedly not the answer you were looking for, in fairness, Comodo have received several hundred thousand files from tens of thousands of users and, as there is no personally identifiable info transmitted along with the file, there is no means of notifying the submitter.

From personal experience, I’ve found that 2-4 days is sufficient for it to be added to the online lookup DB. As a test, I recently added an obscure maths package to my PC and submitted it. 2 days later, I removed all references to it from my PC and uninstalled and reinstalled CFP. After installation completed, the maths package was not included in the Pending Files.

My suggestion would be to “re-lookup” the suspect files about a week after you have originally submitted them. Also, you should use the PURGE function to remove redundant or temporary files from the list.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :-

Aslong as your pc is clean 99% of those files in your pc are clean. You should know most of them. When you submit them it helps the Comodo team build up there whitelist. I actually don’t care for it so I use D+ in safe mode. No pending files that way. If you click on “what do these settings do” you will get a detail explanation of pending files.

yes vettech is right! if you are concerned about the pending files then you can ignore them or set the hips in safe mode.

Thanks ever so much for your help, guys. Yes, I do use the purge function as I find that gets rid of most unwanted things. I am also very security conscious and have several anti-this, that and the other programmes - all of which run quite happily side by side with Comodo and I run scans regularly, at least once a week.

I’m now off to carry out my “Vote for Comodo” on the four links given, which I was reading yesterday.

Keep up the good work, team - we end-users need you.


Well, we are happy to help you! I am glad to read you are happy with COMODO I think many people share the same feelings with you.

ok, Have a nice day! (:WIN)