Firewall popups disappear almost instantly


I’ve been using CIS 6 for a few days and I’m constantly getting firewall popups that disappear almost instantly after appearing (they don’t even stay on screen for a second - I probably wouldn’t even notice most of them without that sound that is played when a popup is shown).

I attached a print screen of my firewall log. All events shown suffered from this problem, the warnings didn’t even stay on screen long enough for me to read them.
I tried to change the alert timeout (in firewall settings) and the problem persists.
I’ve been using comodo firewall for quite some time and this only started happening after I upgraded to v6.

Not sure if this is normal, a bug or maybe I just need to change some configuration. Thanks in advance for the help!

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sorry not much of a help but I had a very similar issue with F/W pop ups flickering and I narrowed it down to 1 particular software incompatibility, after uninstalling the conflicting program all ran smooth

if you right click on the icon in the systray down on the bottom right does the enable or disable flash away too??

That is not normal behaviour. Alerts should stay for 120s or for as long it was set after you changed it.

You mentioned it started after you updated to v6? How exactly did you update?

Thank you all for the replies!

DrHaze, no, it doesn’t. I right click the systray icon and everything seems to be normal (nothing flashing) :wink:

EricJH , yes, it started after I updated to v6.
I had just finished formatting my system drive and reinstalling Windows (Windows 8 x64), and CIS was one of the first things I installed (which makes all this even weirder). I downloaded it from Comodo website (didn’t even noticed it was a new version untill after it was installed).

You started with a clean installation of Win 8 and CIS. Are the drivers of your graphics card up to date? If they are I would call that a bug.

If you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will certainly be seen by Comodo staff.

Thank you for the help.

My graphics card drivers are certainly not the problem. I will post a bug report and hopefully the issue will be resolved in future versions.

It’s the same bug I described here: (read the whole thread).

I think it’s a pretty critical issue.

Everybody who reported this issue seems to use Windows 8.

Hello all Comodo user for 3 years +, just joined to say I’m having the same problem. A windows process was trying to connect to the internet and the popup would immediately close, I only found out it was a windows process after I looked at the log fine, I then added it manually to the trust list which fixed the problem. But it happened again with another Windows process? Anyway I’m using Zone Alarm right now but I want to go back to Comodo, would be nice if when there was a fix it was posted here.

Same here. Upgraded a few PC’s to Windows 8 Pro x64, My PC’, my laptop, my sons PC and a friends PC. We ended up doing a fresh install on my Son’s PC and when we installed Comodo I noticed the new version so I figured I would update my PC’s, thats when the fun started.

On my Laptop I get the same issue at the OP.

I tried resetting everything back to default for Comodo with no luck. I can view the sys tray icon fine and change the settings. Every once in a while a pop up will actually stay up and I can choose what I want to do, but thats rare.

I have another Comodo issue on my gaming PC but its a separate issue. Only reason I bring it up is because out of 4 PC’s 2 of them are having issues. We all have been using Comodo for years and this is by far the worst version yet.

same problem here windows 8. i could print pant with one alert, and mainly the alerts are svchost.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet. it is less than one second alert display.

DASHOST.exe is causing a lot of my pop ups, I did see some SVCHOST as well.

For a test since I did see on a few of the pop ups that DASHOST.exe was the program trying to run. I created a rule for DASHOST that would ask me for anything it was trying to run, that still didn’t work.

Being a Comodo user for the last years. I bought a new Laptop with windows8 64bit. First thing installed was Comodo and I have these short alarms-popups where I can’t respond to (too fast - cant even read em)

I think an update is needed. Otherwise will have to use another s/w.

If you look in the formatted bug reports section. they are aware of it. I work with comodo almost every day on bugs. They have told me they have logged a ticket on this.

After filing a bug report Comodo staff members may contact the user who submitted a bug by pm for further information or additional testing.

The problem you are experiencing has been reported as a bug.

Is the staff still working on this bug?

I have the same problem with Windows 8.1 32b
For some reason, sometimes the popups disappear in less than a second.
When that happens, I can’t even disable the firewall because the confirmation popup also disappears. Exit button works, but if I start the program again, the problem is still there. I have to restart the computer to make Comodo work normally again.

It doesn’t matter which program generated the popup.
I use Avast antivirus and the default radeon drivers.

I also had the same problem with Windows 8 64b, using AVG and Avast.

On both systems you have Avast. Did you add the CIS installation folders to the exclusions of Avast AV?

Does the Avast AV have a Behaviour Blocker? When it does then there are two behaviour blockers running. See what happens when you disable the Avast BB.

I didn’t add CIS folders to the exclusions of Avast.

Avast has a behaviour blocker and it’s enabled, but Comodo’s Defense+ is disabled. I only enable it in paranoid mode when I want to execute a file y don’t trust.

Can you try disabling the Comodo Behaviour Blocker (automatic sandbox) and see what happens?