Firewall Permissions list [Resolved]

Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I have a firewall now that I am not happy with, I would like to know if with the Comodo firewall can I give permission for my yahoo email & others to pass thru it without deactivating the firewall? I am so tired of deactivating my present one, its a German one and I cannot get them to respond to my emails about this problem! So I want to download Comodo
Thanks, Tom

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Welcome to the forum, Tom (:WAV).

I also use Yahoo email and Yahoo Messenger without problems. By leaving the default option on, I don’t even receive any alerts :): Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO option.

Just to be certain, if you decide to try Comodo Firewall Pro, remember to uninstall your current firewall and not just deactivate because it will conflict.

Soyabeane: Thank You for the reply, that what I wanted to know, I am now on a friends pc and wont be back to mine for a day or two, I will Uninstall my Secure Point firewall and replace it with Comodo firewall. Thanks again, Tom

You’re welcome :SMLR.

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