Firewall: Own Rule : but EVERYTHING goes online, nothing blocked

Hi there,

i use the Comodo Firewall since Windows XP. Everything works fine. I dont use defense+ (disabled), just only the firewall.

Yesterday i installed windows 7 again, just because i am testing lot of software recently. So i am formatting and installing everythion from scratch. As usual from time to time.

I am using Comodo Firewall 5.8.213334.2131, Windows 7, 64 Bit, all drivers up do date, all windows updates included.

(1. Format HDD, 2. install W7x64, 3. install servicepack, 4. install updates, 5. register, 6. install drivers (chipset only, as usual), 7 install graphic-card driver (AMD), 8. install avast, 9. install comodo).
Thats it. Nothing more: a clean, new, fully updated system.

As usual the firewall runs on “Own Mode”.

In the last few years: EVERY PROGRAM which goes online, “asks” for access. Meaning: the firewall works fine.

But since the new version: NOTHING. All Program goes directly online, the firewall stops nothing. (own rule is set). In the last 5 hours i am installing the OS again. FRom Scratch. And again: every programm goes online withous asking.


Rapid Share Manager, World of Tanks Client (an simple tank online mmorpg), FIREFOX. And lot of other programs. All these programs are stopped the last months / years, everytime i set up an new pc or using Comodo normally.

Settings Network Rules are complete EMPTY. The last years/months/days every running program which try to go online was listed there.

and now: NOTHING.

On my Netbook (second pc, just for traveling) runs an slightly older version (comodo firewall 5.5.195786.1383) and everything works FINE: all programs asks / firewall asks, all are listed in settings (Network Rules) etc: everything works fine.

With the new Version my PC is completely useless.

Should i format and install new and stay with the older version?

In all these forums i am reading a lot about the new reduced alert settings for 5.8. I found this in settings, firewall and disable the mark in the checkbox. Is this all i have to to?

Take a look at Default firewall rule - is it active?

Shame on me: looked around in the forum, but missed the thread. Tanks, Comodo works fine now. As usual (!).