Firewall Overload 100% CPU USAGE !!

Interesting Stories i wana heard buth is meny diferec with each firewall i was tested please post ! (:NRD)

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I realise that English isn’t your first language, but your posting isn’t clear enough for us to work out what your question is. Can you please repost and try to outline your question better.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

He’s probably referring to cpf.exe causing CPU spikes.
I’m still getting those random spikes myself, and I’m having trouble forcing or manually replicating the incidents. I have to kill the process to recover from it.
Wanna shed some light on this Ewen? :slight_smile:

I wish I could.

The closest I’ve ever come to 100% usage by CPF is when I deliberately tried a LAN side DDOS to see how it would react. Peak usage was around the 80% mark, until the firewall went into emergency mode and killed connections.

Has anyone else had any experience of CPF.EXE causing a 100% CPU utilisation spike?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I had a problem like this (about 60 to 70% CPU usage peaks) when using utorrent but here in forum I learnt how to resolve it: I turned off the dll injections monitoring and now everything is fine.


I have had spikes with and without Comodo installed. I think each time was virus related (utorrent also in this case). After cleaning out and scanning, it seems to go back to normal. This computer was reformatted on Jan 1, so I don’t know if the CPU performance is due to reformatting or getting rid of viruses.

Is it possible for a virus to try to connect to the internet, and if it is blocked, then try try again (which would cause the spike each time it tried)?


One that is deliberately coded to keep trying until it gets through or a badly coded one that did the same thing through a flaw in the program logic would do this. Alternatively, a worm that was coded to attempt to probe for multiple vulnerabilities could continually attempt resends on each failure.

Most things are probable - anything’s possible.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Got’er done! Just installed Comodo, deactivated MS: Now, if someone would do me the favor of guiding me to a simple tutorial on what, in general, I might expect to “Allow” and what to “Disallow”, I might be in better shape here. E.g.: On last boot, Comodo caught my Google Desktop (3 times), ActiveSync, and Maxstor trying to communicate. I allowed these. I allowed Bluetooth, guessing it’s a system service, perhaps a monitor for possible later connections…a risky guess, at best. I had 14 prompts at boot and 4 more when I dialed in to connect via Firefox (automatic updating by AVG) - all Allowed… Where may I find other hints?

i am avin the same problem wiv the cpu usage. it is on 100%constantly and dont know how to sort it out. cpf.exe is causing it and when checkin wiv google i noticed it is linked to this firewall. can someone please help me out plaese. also my msn connection keeps going offline is that linked? i noticed someone mentioned they had this problem when they used u torrent i use bitcomet is this linked?

no, it could be the svchost.exe ! i had to reformat my computer cause of the svchose.exe 2 years ago… i dunt think its the firewall…

Hi ray098 (:WAV). Apparently it is CFP for some. cough here end of cough

I have the default certified apps enabled, so it’s not svchost.exe for me.