Firewall: Outlook Express blocked -- why?

Starting 3/1 both send and receive on my OUtlook Express has been blocked. It works OK if I change the firewall to ALLOW ALL. It’s worked fine for 3 months since I installed it.
What’s happened? How do I fix it? What rules do I need to write?
Thanks anybody.

Can you attach a screenshot of your network rules please?


Can you explain a little more about what you are experiencing, when you say OE is blocked. Does it time out trying to connect? What exactly happens?

If OE worked prior to 3/1 but not after, something changed. My guess is that it probably updated. Will you try to run OE, then go to Activity/Logs in CFP. Check for the entry showing that it is blocked.

Also keep your eye out for an entry regarding your antivirus email scanner, as that may have updated and is being blocked.

Check your rules in the Application Monitor for both OE & your AV email scanner, just to make sure they’re not showing as Blocked.