Firewall or Antivirus combo?

I was under the impression that Comodo Firewall Only would not have any “real-time” CPU consuming Anti-Virus protection …as I don’t need one, yet when I ran a known possibly infected/FP product inside of Sandboxie - Comodo was all over it saying it detected a Threat via cloud and wanted to know if I wanted someone from Geek Buddy to assist in removal, I knew the file was iffy hence me running it in Sandboxie to test in the first place, this has indicated to me that Comodo Firewall actually DOES have real-time Anti-Virus built in whether you chose the Firewall on its own (as I did) or not? - I even have HIPS turned off

here we can see I only have Firewall enabled:

I’m not after a “well you should really have an Anti-Virus” type of response or any other security advice - I know exactly what I’am doing and don’t need one, I’ve not been infected in 5 years of not using one, I run regular scans with Kaspersky, Emsisoft, MalwareBytes, TDDSKiller, SuperAntiSpyware etc just to be sure - I just use a 2 way firewall (incase one slips through the net and tries to call home) and WinPatrol for startup location monitoring (which all malware try to do) - I don’t want my comodo (or any firewall) acting as an Anti-Virus…its not what I signed up for.

can anyone explain why this message popped up when perhaps it shouldn’t have? (as I chose NOT to have the AV component installed)

I thought it was sus when it has “updates” and has a “scan” option but thought that this maybe just on-demand scanning


Maybe you missed these settings.

And there’s no point to firewall that be disabled or hijack by malware, hence why even ‘Comodo Firewall’ has Defense+ (HIPS) and the Behavior Blocker and cloud file recognition.

thanks for the reply

I found the settings, i thought they pertained too the on-demand scanner - so it still stands that the Firewall is acting as an AV whether you like it or not (unless you disable those settings) - it has real-time scanning of files which I do not want and Comodo are mis-leading people thinking they are getting ‘just’ a Firewall - I can see your point about it protecting itself from being hijacked etc but what if I had an Anti-Virus such as Avira or Bit-Defender Free running alongside it…we’d have TWO real-time shields…and possible issues (and a slower machine)

All I wanted Comodo to do was to alert me to unknown outgoing/incoming connections (monitoring the network stack) and not every file thats executed on the computer…unless of course HIPS is enabled which on mine isnt.

thanks again for pointing out those settings :slight_smile:

When running Firewall only there is no anti virus running. However the cloud lookup will alert when a file that is looked up is a virus.