Firewall Only

Hi All,
I am wondering if others are missing it too.
In the “good old days” comodo was just a firewall only and I loved it, it is and was the greatest. I like that it asks me on the beginning for every little thing and slowly it subsides.
Now? :frowning: Ohhh boy now I can’t have it anymore. The Sky Lake hardware seems to ■■■■■ up comodo 6 extracted. Don’t know if the latest Comodo would work but then I get comodo antivirus too.
I found a trick, installed a old comodo 6 (extracted the .exe) firewall only and even in windows 10 it upgraded only firewall NO Antivirus and I like that and it works on a older computer that took windows 10.
BTW I killed win10 again, just MS spyware and went back on that computer to 7.
Now I got the new computer Asus with skylake i7 chip in it, no fan, no noise, love it but win 10 in it. Since I have a license for 7 I will install 7 and dump 10 on the new one.
Extracted Comodo 6 and installed it from the cis folder, yet somehow it does not come up with firewall only, it has the Antivirus too. :frowning: On a win7 and 8.1 (had a surface pro 3) computer it is firewall only, how I know? because defender antivirus stayed and worked fine and on top of comodo-screen it read firewall.
Also comodo install will kill some software (Revo Uninstaller) in win 10 and defender antivirus too. Now that is bad and sad. I like defender, somehow I never warmed up to the antivirus form comodo (sorry). Can’t put my finger on it but I feel comodo antivirus is intrusive in a strange way. :frowning:
Due to all this please please COMODO come back with a firewall only software for the new hardware that works just like in the old days. I know in the long run I can’t get around windows 10 but then it is even more important to have a good firewall only, because then you can just block anything I don’t want. >:-D
Thanks for reading this.

There is and always was a firewall version alongside CIS. Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW) describes how to change between CIS, CPF and CAV without reinstalling.

As long as I am using Comodo and that is pretty much when comodo started, I never knew that. I was actually looking for that answer but I guess the search-engines never found it or I just always missed it.
I am mortified and thankful you told me that.
Big thanks

The problem with search engines is that it can be hard to formulate the right question. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives and will hit that spot again from time to time…

I have been using Comodo Firewall since 3.0 alpha. That was when I was running Vista for half a year and was looking for a free firewall that was Vista compatible.