Firewall only

If I uncheck the AV box during installation the next window presents 3 options:
Firewall Only
Firewall with Optimum Proactive Defense
Firewall with Maximum Proactive Defense

My question is: if I choose the first option will the FW have all its abilities? Both inbound and outbound monitoring? And all the usual configurations? The only difference is that D+ is not installed/activated?


What I’m worried about is the following

Installing only the Firewall without D+ takes away most of the leak protection. Leak protection is the added value of D+.

Comodo Firewall without D+ is like any other “classic firewall”; it will keep an eye on what happening at the network level. It won’t monitor under the hood of Windows. This task is traditionally done by the AV programs.

But since the flood of malware is so big these days the AV programs cannot keep up. This is the point where HIPS solutions like D+ come in to make your computer an impenetrable fort as it can see everything (let’s say 99%… :wink: )of what it happening under the hood of Windows. That will allow the user to stop the malware in its tracks even when the AV doesn’t know the malware yet.

When using D+ you are much safer; your system will be very hard to infect. My advice would be install the Firewall with D+ and be very safe because you can stop malware before the AV scanners can detect it.