Firewall only

I just want a firewall with out all of the addins, like Antivirus, Spyware etc.

Everybody wants to make these security suites but NOBODY just makes a firewall anymore.

Thank You


Hellon Zarlon, At the time being you can only download the installer for CIS. During the installation you can choose which components you want to install. So you can install the firewall without the AV or the AV without the firewall.

Hope this helps…

I did that or thought I did but Comodo’s right click configuration lists it. This is kind of confusing, is the antivirus installed or not. If the antivirus was not installed then why can it be configured. I did open the configuration and had to tell it to delete antivirus. Did I do something wrong on the install?

There is not a Security Suite out there that gives you options to install things in different combinations, Or to opt out the Antivirus, etc. Comodo Internet Security is the only one and is free, So you have stand a lone AV & Firewall in the Suite.


Configuration is still there, But it’s only AV Settings Config. If you only see “COMODO Firewall” title on your GUI and no AV, Your fine.