Firewall only without Defense+ or Sandbox

I just want a good firewall , no HIPS or anything , i have a antivirus for that.

First there was a choice if u wanted to download the internet security or the firewall with defense+ , or only a firewall , i dont see it anymore now.

Is there still a option to just have a Comodo firewall without the bells and whistles ?

And is it good , ONLY the firewall ?

Or is it useless without the Defense + ?

And does it operate correct as a standalone firewall ?

And is it better then the Windows firewall ?

And do i need to raise some security lvl’s in Comodo if i only choose the firewall ?

Can you please answer all the questions , thanks in advance !

As a standalone firewall Comod Firewall is better than Windows Firewall. However, with Defense+ disabled it has very little ability to protect itself.

I’d advise leaving Defense+ enabled, but possibly lowering its security.

ok i know enough , thanks

Open your firewall go to Defense + settings, where you see disable the Defense + permanently (requires a system restart) put a tic in that box then restart your computer… :-TU


I know one guy he uses only Comodo Firewall (with D+ switched off - it doesn’t let to work some his progs) and AV (Avast free) and he has no problems yet for about a year. His comp is all day long connected to the Internet.

I believe that will disable the self-protection.

Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong.