Firewall - Only Allow Access to Applications with Rules

Another person moving to Comodo after the demise of Outpost Firewall.

Last week I started testing Comodo for my organization. I’ve been very impressed with the firewall so far. Although I’m having trouble understanding the difference between Custom Ruleset and Safe Mode.

Output Firewall had a firewall policy called Block Most. While in this mode any application that does not already have a rule applied is temporarily blocked with no alert (and no block application rule is created).
However, when Outpost Firewall was put into Rules Wizard there is a popup for any application that does not already have a rule set.

This is useful for example applications that want to automatically update themselves and constantly constantly constantly try to access the internet every five seconds to do so. Block Most keeps the annoying accesses, popups, and “An Update is Ready!” away. I could later switch to Rules Wizard when I am ready to update the app.

How can I configure Comodo to automatically block any application that does not already have a rule (without creating a block rule or popup)?

Thank you!

Hi BillG8,
Welcome to Comodo.

A good start will be to read following help section:

That explains all options in detail.

If you still have questions, forums can help.
Although you should be able to achieve pretty much what you want with “Custom Ruleset” and popup alert settings.


Thanks @unmesh. I’ve seen that page and it’s not clear. But let me ask this question:

If I set Custom Ruleset
Check Do not show popup alerts (Block Requests)
Uncheck Create rules for safe applications

will that do what I want?

There can be different routes based on if you trust comodo’s safe rating or not.

Assuming you trust nothing, you could first switch to “Custom Rule set” and de-selecting “Do not show popup alerts”, so this allow you to build your rule set.

After you are done setting all rules, you can select “Do not show popup alerts” with block option.

If you trust comodo safe rating, you might start with “Safe Mode” and selecting “Create rules for safe application” with alerts on for unknown applications, allowing you to build custom rules and then turn off alerts with default block.