Firewall on Vista does nothing

I am install CIS 3.8.64263.468 on the system of vista 32. Firewall does not work - there is not animation of mark in tray. Rules are not created for software. There are not warnings, (allert massages). All of the programs outgoing & incoming into internet freely. Went back to the version of CIS 3.5.54375.427. Here it is all right.
(Sorry for bad english)

Well the 3.8 has a expanded whitelist, if you wish not to use it make sure the firewall is set to “custom policy”…
Then you will recive popups for every app…

a problem is in other
I set from the beginning custom police. But warnings are however not present. And NEW RULES are NOT CREATED in the window of application rules !!! It alike on fakefarewall

I have been running Comodo on Vista 32 with no problems. New software rules always work for me. I have been using Comodo for awhile now and it worked both on XP and then when I upgraded to Vista it works just as well with no problems.

Is good. May be you very happy man. But I no lie, and can to give screenshots, if interestingly. And may be is problem exist only on international vista system. I dont have another explanations.

Same problem here.

Vista 32.

Firewall does not work in beta 3.8, and release version. In version 3.5 all fine.