Firewall on the go


I work in different offices and cary my work stuff on a usb drive with me all the time. I don’t carry my own laptop with me all the time so was wondering that similar to portable softwares that one can run off the usb directly, can I do this with a firewall too?
Also, usually you don’t have administrative rights on the office machines, in this case what would happen. Can you still use a portable firewall to make sure that nothing is coming in or going out without you knowing. Especially if there is a lot of confidential data on you usb drive.
Most of the computers I work on are running winXP with SP2.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Hi Petroman!

Well a real Firewall will never be portable. Since it’s not a stand alone application! it deals with lot of drivers and it’s a core part of the system!
What you need is not a firewall but something to protect your files from viruses!( correct me if I’m wrong)

Here’s a link that has a good discussion on this topic!

And they say GhostWall is a protable firewall! I can not assure this since I haven’t tried this myslef!
Best thing is to wirte protect your USB drive (some have this option)

hope this helps!


Hi Damitha,

Thanks for the useful link. I have gone through the forum and it was helpful. I will try out the “Ghostwall” and “AS3” and see what happens.
For sensitive data I use encryption software. Only curious to know that if possible to install portable firwall to monitor inbound/outbound traffic.



Good to hear that it helped! A firewall (fully functional) is not developed to be mobile! (Just like an OS !)

But one fine day they may come up with a solution! But so far (AFAIK) they dont have a solution!