Firewall on or off?

Just installed Comodo Firewall Pro (
The Comodo tray icon displays that all systems are up and running, level is set to Custom and the icon shows traffic.
However, Windows Security Center reports under Firewall that the Comodo Firewall reports that Comodo is currentl turned off.
Windows own Firewall is turned off.

Question: Is Comodo Firewall on and working or not?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

I had the same issue on my wifes PC with the current and previous version of COMODO FW. I have found that it only happens when our Nextel phones are plugged into the charger that also has a USB connection. We will soon be saying goodbye to Nextel/Sprint and moving to a new (and anything is better) service anyway. I do know the firewall is still working in my case, but it is annoying. Perhaps it is some odd conflict with you as well…

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Your firewall is working.
I have security center off, since I know if I have installed a firewall and antivirus program… I don’t need windows to tell me that… :wink:

You can fix this by going to your windows folder. If you have it on C, it will look like this. Got to C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem and delete the repository folder.
Reboot your PC.
Now windows will build a new repository folder, and the info in security center should be correct.
Good luck.


Thanks for your practical advice. I like that.
However, it did not work.

When I am offline with Comodo deactivated, and go to …\Repository\FS to delete the Repository folder, I receive the error message that (one of the files sitting in FS) cannot be deleted as it is used by a program.
Any advise on this, or is there an alternative way to fix the problem that Windows reports that the Comodo Firewall is not on?

The easiest method to rebuild the repository folder is using panic’s script. It has always worked for me.