Firewall notification

I have had to uninstall Comodo Firewall after I had problems, at the moment I am just using Windows XP SP 2 Firewall but every time I boot up, Comodo Firewall notifys windows security center that Comodo Firewall is switched off. I have to go into and switch on Windows Firewall. I have run a couple of Registry Cleaners but the Firewall notification still appears. If I reinstall Comodo Firewall will this fix the problem or complicate it? as Windows security center thinks that Comodo is still installed.

Help would be appreciated.

This is due to the info on CPF being held in the WMI Repository.

Do a search for a folder called “repository”.

Delete it and reboot.

This folder will be recreated automatically and the WMI components currently installed on the system will insert their info into it.

As CPF is no longer installed on your system, the Windows firewall, when activated, will insert its info into the repository and will report the firewall status to the system.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, I have done a search and found a couple results for reposiory in the Windows folder, one is in system32 (registration entries) one in windows\CCD (registration entries) and then in system32\wbem (File Folder). I tried to delete the file folder in wbem and got a message telling me that is being used by another person or program, close any program that may be using it and try again. I booted in safe mode to command prompt and deleted it from there and re-booted but still got the message that Comodo Firewall was switched off. I had to go into security center and switch on Windows Firewall.

Do you have anymore advice? ???