Firewall notification popup questions & feature request


I was trying your firewall Yesterday and noticed that the notification popup does not allow me to customize how to allow/deny a applications network access.
I would appreciate an option very much to allow/deny not only all/nothing but also the current local or remote port only, or current ip only.

Is that possible to be added in one of the next releases? I believe that would be a great improvement.

Also on a side note what would be really great if the firewall would have a predefined rule set to block all windows 10 communication with Microsoft except windows updates.

Given how annoying windows 10 spying becomes and how little we can trust MS, it would be great to have a 3rd party product that puts itself as lows possible into the network stack and puts a gag on the windows installation.

About Win10 spying on you, you can try this SW O&O ShutUp10++ – Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11