Firewall not working on startup v8.2.0.5027

Dear all, i’ve updated to this software build and on my windows 7 x64 laptop, firewall seems that not running correctly, software is running (showing icon in tray bar) and seems that all is correct (secure mode is selected on firewall tab), but all running application that are not present in list contact internet and receiving reply without asking me!!! i try to disable and enable firewall module and problem persist, now if i try to open firewall configuration and close with ok then all works correctly, firewall only now ask what i want to do with unknown application, with previous version this problem does not exist on my machine!

If you want to get asked for all applications that request network access then set the firewall mode to custom ruleset.

i don’t understand, if you tell me that i need to use “custom ruleset” please explain me why with previous build software “ask for all application” with “secure ruleset” selected, now from this build i need to manually confirm “secure ruleset” from firewall configuration to have the same functionality as in previous build that are in automatic and don’t need my manual apply! i think that is software bug and not configuration error!