Firewall Not Recognizing BlueTooth or LAN

I am running VISTA.

I installed Firewall on a wired connection,and it works fine (on that wired connection). However, it didn’t allow me to connect to that same network when it was a wireless connection, or connect to my Bluetooth devices. I decided to uninstall Firewall, and reinstall it with the wireless connection being the active one, but now it doesn’t recognize the wired connection (and it still doesn’t recognize any Bluetooth devices). In the case of Bluetooth, my phone can see the computer (and is ready to pair with it), but the computer can’t see the device.

So, what do I need to do?

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I think there are two separate problems here. The first problem is about connecting to your router by either wired or wireless connection. The second problem is with your Bluetooth devices

I will focus on the first problem for now to prevent confusion. I suggest to make a separate topic for the Bluetooth problem. That makes it easier to keep track.

First I need some more details. How do you connect to the internet? Cable or ADSL? Obviously there is a router present; is it part of the modem or a separate device? Are the wired connection and the wireless connection handled by the router? Can you draw a simple diagram of the situation?

Here’s the setup: cable modem connected to a separate wireless router. The firewall on the router is off. The wired and wireless connections both go through the same router.

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I recommend you to check if your router is blocking CIS or if CIS is blocking the application that make it possible to communicate with your router. For instance if you use Wlan through usb then it might been to you need to add the exe in the firewall.

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That’s a good point. One thing I haven’t tried is connecting directly to the modem without going through the router… Will report on that result later.

As for the connection, it’s a 1 Gb Ethernet LAN on the system board.