Firewall not prompting me on server access

Is something wrong with my firewall or the way I configured it? Comodo’s firewall doesn’t prompt me for programs that require server access. In other words, the firewall does alert me of all outbound connection attempts, but not of any inbound connection attempts. Is this due to a mistake in the way I configured it? I’ve got “Custom Policy” mode on, and I have the “Proactive Security” configuration. In order to ensure existing rules were not causing this, I erased all rules under my “Network Security Policy”. I still do not receive alerts. Is this normal? I think I might have made a mistake somewhere. All your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Can you provide an example of an application that needs server rights for which you have not been alerted?


Thanks for your quick reply. I actually found out what the problem was myself. It turns out I had misconfigured the Stealth Ports Wizard to automatically block all incoming connections. After I fixed it by setting it to alert me on a per case basis, I began receiving the proper prompts again.