Firewall not loading?

After initial install the firewall (V 2.4) seemed to be doing its job.
Latterly no icon appears in the tray and neither clicking on the desktop shortcut nor the programme list yields any result. Help or comments please.
The antivirus programme, installed at the same time, runs without problem
Frank H

Frank, welcome to the forums!

There is a section in the FAQ Read Me First post specifically addressing issues with the user-end (GUI) of the firewall (ie, the systray icon). These will be several links regarding different aspects; something there should provide you with more info.

Any specific questions you have after reading those, please ask.


Thanks Little Mac
Seems that will solve the Systray issue, but does that apply to the desktop short cut and programme list ? I am cautious about proceding. (As the fella said - when in a hole, stop digging. A simpleton like me, armed with a spade ???)
Frank H

Here’s how it all works, Frank. There are two running processes (executables) for the firewall, which you can see in Task Manager. These are cmdagent.exe (the firewall core) and cpf.exe (the GUI, or user interface side of it - this is what shows in the systray). If both those are in TaskManager, you’re good to go.

Sometimes it takes the GUI a little while to load fully, so a bit of a delay isn’t too much cause for concern; not loading at all is a different issue. There is a Windows issue that sometimes keeps programs from showing in the systray. I do not remember what it was off the top of my head, but I believe it’s posted in the forums here (may even be in one of those FAQ threads). The Windows issue is fully resolvable, I know.


Thanks Little Mac. This is much appreciated. Both .exe are running (at least cfp - cpf a typo?)
I have run down the Windows fix, but will wait on Father Christmas - my new external drive will allow me to image - before digging further. I’ve had weeks of Hell after an update to Panda 2008 knackered my router set up.
Watch this space??