Firewall Not Initializing Properly??


I have installed Comodo Firewall as well as other Comodo products on 4 PC’s I have built. I have not had any issues with 2 of them however on the other 2 PC’s, Comodo Firewall gets stuck in Initialization Mode. The only way to get it back up fully initialized is to reboot with the internet connection turned off. Once rebooted the firewall initializes fully & I turn the IC on. Any other procedure (ie. logging off & on, restarting with the connection on, etc.) does not work once it is stuck.
The only thing I managed to find related to it (in the log section of Computer Management) was that the userenv.dll was not always being released from what I assume is the User Profile Hive & was resulting in locking Comodo Firewall upon bootup. Have tried UPH Cleaner from MS to no avail.
Is anyone else having the same problems & is there a fix for this? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could pass on some of their wisdom as while I am fairly competent with PC’s, I have not been doing this for that long & do not have much experience with the Windows registry.

Cheers, GeminiVision