firewall not functioning properly

i have installed CIS i had the firewall turned of when installing.
when i click run diagnostics it says no problems found.
in windows security centre it says comodo is running as my firewall & anti virus
ive configured it to allow me access to the net
in network defense there are 0 inbound/outbound connections although firefox and utorrent are running?
the driver is installed and there are no faults in system viewer

any help would be great :-TU

Wait for the release of v3.9 on Wednesday May 13 and see if that fixed it. Keep an eye on Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS. The forum gets the honour of downloading it first.

cheers eric

if i dont get that version to work it will be\ back mcafee :frowning:

Just bump the topic when it is not working and we will if we can get CIS to work.



got it up and running think there was a problem with my xp install as it was a lite version