Firewall not functional on Win7 bluetooth tethered connection

I have a Win7 X64 installed on a Lenovo T61 with CIS. I connect to my iPhone4 via BT iAP profile to establish an Internet connection.

However, when I inspect the BT connection’s settings, I do not see the COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver. As a result, the firewall is not protecting my computer when connected through BT.

I tried adding the filter driver by clicking Install at the network connection properties dialog, however, trying to add a Service and pointing to the INF file in COMODO’s install directory does not give any results.

Any ideas how I can make my system recognize the BT connection and have CIS installed on it?

Is there a way to force the CIS installer routine to do an auto-detection / auto-re-install?

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What version of CIS are you using? There were problems with external modems like this in earlier versions but they got fixed.